Assalamu alaikum Dear Brothers & Sisters, The Prime Minister of Australia announced strict measures of social distancing for all public places, including places of worship, in order to stop the dangerous exponential rise in infections from Coronavirus pandemic. This is an urgent necessity for the health, safety & wellbeing of all of us. Also, due to these measures, the Friday prayer venue at QUT has been cancelled by University for coming weeks while these restrictions are in place.

  1. Please do your Friday prayer as Dhuhr (الظهر) prayer individually for these weeks until we get the Friday prayer venue back again after the current emergency period is over.
  2.  Please do your Five Times daily obligatory prayers at home, or individually wherever else safe & appropriate, such as your office or another safe and suitable place.
  3. Please always try to use your own prayer mat when you pray and then wash it frequently because prostrating on a public mat may leave this virus there which can survive for days after and infect others.
  4. Please follow the guidelines of social distancing keenly and responsibly, otherwise our actions can harm our future.
  5. Please join our Muslim Chaplain at QUT email list at for updates during this crisis.

May Allah give us all safety, Sabr & Ajr
Sh. Aslam Hussain
QUT Muslim Chaplain/Imam