Iftar was held on many days of Ramadan during the last year. This year again we will have Iftar likewise. Iftar food money is donated by you and other Muslims and we organise food and serve it to students at the GP & KG Campuses

The Process:

  • You donate money for Iftar via our bank account -> We order halal food -> We have it packed in food boxes -> We distribute it to students at Iftar.
  • Each Iftar at each campus costs about $800 to $1000 daily depending on how many students register to come each night. You can donate one night’s Iftar money or part of it.

How to Ensure You, the Student, Gets Food at Iftar:

Register your name at our website (Myiftar) for whichever day you are attending the Iftar. The coupon for each day you are coming will then appear in your account each day and please bring this with you on your mobile phone and show us at the Iftar counter to receive your food. We only order food for the number of people who registered so the unregistered people usually miss out. 

The Myiftar WebApps will be launched in March InshaAllah