The University has presently opened the prayer room at Uni to pray strictly abiding by Federal and State Government regulations. So we can presently pray individually and with few people present in the prayer room.  We don’t yet have the permission to do a Friday Prayer so we are waiting for the government restrictions to ease further inshaAllah. Also, at QUT, classes are still online only until 2nd Semester so very few students are at Campus presently.

While you are in the prayer room praying individually or doing Wudu in Wudu area, please

  1. Spread out and keep the 1.5m distance from each other that is still mandatory upon us from the government.
  2. Please don’t come there if you are sick with a communicable illness.
  3. Please bring your own prayer mat / Sajadah


May Allah enable us all to return to normal prayers, and keep us all healthy, ameen.