Essential Prayer Room Maintenance Donations Needed from You to Keep Prayer Room Open

In addition to Uni regular cleaning of general use premises, we need to organize additional cleaning and maintenance of Muslim worship areas (prayer rooms and wudu) to keep them clean given the heavy usage by our high number of Muslim students. Our budget for this yearly maintenance work is $7,500 per year (including monthly steam cleaning, weekly vacuuming, dusting, tidying, etc of prayer and wudu areas, minimizing odours in Wudu area by a variety of means, cleaning of sisters’ prayer clothes, year-long hiring of storage space for Musalla & Ramadan need items, etc.). The only way we can do all this is via your donations. Without these donations, we cannot have the prayer room clean enough to have permission to use it. So, please donate to meet our yearly Prayer Room related budget that is essential for our continuing use of the prayer room.

How your donation is used

All your donations are used to provide services, facilities and activities for the benefit of the Muslim students, staff and QUT community. Annual audits are carried out to ensure integrity and transparency.

Summarised below are ways your donations are used:-

  • Daily Iftar breakfast meals during Ramadaan, including:
  • Buying food for students who are breaking their fast (whenever an iftar is possible),
  • Reasonable expenses incurred to organise the daily iftar at QUT – cutlery, storage, transport, etc.,
  • For reasonable expenses incurred in organising the two Eid prayers at UQ,
  • Helping cover any storage expenses,
  • Islamic information and Da’wah stall expenses such as printing, food, drinks, and expenses that are reasonable to run the Da’wah stalls in a professional manner,
  • Auditing, general accounting, and ASIC company expenses that are necessary to ensure integrity and transparency of our operations.
  • Cleaning cost of the musalla to ensure it is clean. This includes buying cleaning equipment and or hiring professional cleaners
  • Expenses related to Ensuring our Prayer room is covid Safe.